Kevin Bona, authenticity in modernity

Founder of the label5.9, Kevin Bona develops interior design projects throughout Liège and surroundings. In particular, he was awarded for a masterful intervention in the restaurant of the Boverie Museum or, more recently, for the beautiful design of the clothing store Radical.

Kevin captures all the trends to make them reflect in personal projects that are out of the ordinary. Here are some words exchanged with him:

Your inspirations?

Unpretentious, travels are very inspiring and allow me a visual and personal enrichment about an atmosphere, a function or a life style. To this are added shots of pencils and beautiful materials to give life to my projects.

Your style ?

An important point in my work is to be able to adapt to all types of clients and wishes, and therefore all types of projects. So I can not define a particular style but rather a thought that guides me through an authentic creation: you must not hesitate to mix styles and periods ... It is a "rule" that applies almost automatically in my projects.

The project you're most proud of?

My project of life;) ... That of having dared to do it and finally to be able to live it!

An object that does not leave you?

It would be unfortunate to quote my phone or my diary, so I'll say my little leather bag or my Kaweco pencil: D.

Your deco brands fetishes?

I do not have a fetish brand but rather favorites on products .. That said there will always be something that will please me at Ferm Living, Serax or at Flos.

What does an interior architect do for what?

In my opinion, either it is a matter of helping someone to structure his project according to his ideas, or to create a project from any room A to Z based on the confidence, taste and style of the architect inside. Personally, I prefer this second approach which allows me to express myself fully.

I also think I'm contacted to create an identity specific to my client's project. An interior designer gathers ideas, creates lines and makes it viable and adaptable to the project he meets.

Your next project?

In the coming months in Liège, I can quote you a fine sandwich, a retaurant, a kiosk and a coffee corner ... Do not hesitate to follow me on instagram or facebook: Label 5.9