Siton Design

Sit On Design is an online shop for designer furniture, decorations, design gifts and artwork made by various artists, maybe even you.

  • Designer furniture: Quality of material, creativity, functionality and flexibility are the key words to describe the furniture we offer. To achieve this level, we distribute the work of our favourite designers.
  • Decorations: Little things can make a big difference, like objects that make you happy, because they are beautiful, sometimes even mysterious or just practical, but always original. And last but not least: everybody can afford them. So do yourself a favour and spoil yourself with one of these wonderfully weird objects.
  • Design gift: Surprise your family and friends with an original and unexpected gift that will make them happy. When offering a gift, we want to transmit emotion, give pleasure and evoke surprise. We select our products with this in mind. 

    This category offers gifts in a price range from 15 to 100 €. It is also a good source of inspiration for companies who want to spoil their staff or clients with something special.

Sit On Design loves “ecologic deco”, not for commercial reasons, but by conviction.

Under the heading “ecologic deco”, we wish to put forward products that were created whilst respecting the environment and/or considering certain ethics. It is nowadays possible to shop ecologically by paying attention to the materials used (wood from durably managed forests, limitation of toxic products…), the production process or recycling possibilities. You are what you buy!

Sit On Design does not take itself too seriously and happily sits all over design.

We love design, but it does not take the lead. We just want to distribute creations that are useful in every day life and look good in your home. No big theories or elitism.

Sit On Design is a decor website selling design for every budget.

The website offers products in different price categories. Everybody should be able to find something. Even if designer furniture is not always cheap, we try to reduce the prices by monthly promotions. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep informed about good deals. In the spirit of price reduction, we also decided to offer free shipment for orders over €300.

Sit On Design is on the lookout for popular designer furniture to sell at lower prices.

You wish to acquire an object or piece of furniture, but cannot find it on our website? Send us detailed information about the product (brand, name, dimensions…) and we will contact the producers. If they accept to supply us with the article, we commit ourselves to offering a 10% discount on the official sales price.

Sit On Design is a Belgian website as small as Belgium itself, with a bit of self-mockery and a lot of heart.

Belgium is a little country with difficulties finding its own identity. No pronounced nationalism or self-sufficiency; just a few complexities that make us more creative in building a brighter future in total absurdity.