Maison & Objets - sept. 2019 : our favorites !

Autumn comes with a lot of novelties to decorate the house. The Maison & Objets fair in Paris is a must-see that we look around with eyes wide open, like children in a toy store!

We offer here a non-exhaustive selection of decorative objects and furniture that caught our attention. There is not a trend that emerges, but rather styles that blend so that everyone can create their own decor. Also fabulous ideas to decorate our showroom.

First favorite: the beautiful selection of Danish OyOy. In particular, the "Inka" cups and bowls in sandstone bring an undeniable decorative touch.


Joy with the herringbone cushions with captivating Vitra motifs. The production is artisanal.

Tie and dye effect with Vitra Herringbone vases.


The new Studio Henk sofa, a little gem of sobriety and comfort.


Ferm Living: retro elegance and inventiveness on all floors!


ferm-living-maison et objets

From the small seed to the small inner forest, it is possible with Botanopia!


Crafts tableware from Nepal, we fall for it!

Ro smit-vaisselle

Nkuku is necessarily a trip to another continent. Artisanal production, ancestral knowledge, this decoration tells us a lot about our roots.



Jot Jot coat rack, an east wind has just got up. Originality and ingenuity are on the agenda.

ju jut-porte-manteau

Oak wall-mounted coat rack from Studio Christina Dam. Japanese influence and assumed minimalism. Perhaps our biggest favorite!

kristina Dam-Studio


The eco version of the raclette grill with Raumgestalt, we want more!


Nice line for this sofa of Hartô which invites to cocooning.


Come on, one last couch for the road. Absolute comfort with Pode!



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