The new table, a collection of dishes that follows the new ways of life!

The result of a collaboration between Serax and the famous Parisian concept store MERCI, the collection of tableware "the new table" is about to conquer our houses.

This very beautiful collection of modular dishes adapts to the new modes of food consumption and happily breaks the codes of the traditional meal: starter, main course, dessert.

We cook tapas with a multitude of small dishes in which each guest is invited to draw.

The multitude of dishes and plates allows an almost artistic presentation of the dishes prepared with love. We play with the sizes and colors of the dishes for the greatest pleasure of the eyes!


MERCI was inspired by the famous "american modern dinnerware", signed in the 1940s by the American designer Russel Wright and by the traditional bento, which the Japanese take everywhere.

The mixture of natural materials (sandstone and maple wood) brings an artisan touch that also corresponds to our wish to return to something more authentic and sincere.

The tableware "the new table" also responds to the more nomadic modes of fooding: in the sofa, in front of his desk or on the bed. The trays integrate with each other, taking up less space and adapting easily to different environments.

Passing through Paris, the Sit On Design team has already enjoyed "the new table" at the Maison & Objets fair and at Merci.




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