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Thierry Bataille was inspired by hand mirrors to create this stylish console with integrated mirror. Thierry continues again his quest for "enlargement" in a masterly way. (the set is 1.06 m high!) Ecology is never very far since all the elements come from the same sheet of MDF (without formaldehyde). Between nostalgia and modernity, this atypical console has an outstanding personality.

Note: The installation can only be done in a room with a ceiling height of 2.35 m min. Indeed, the structure is first fixed on the wall and then you  insert the mirror above.


Designer Bataille, Thierry
Material painted mdf (free formaldehyde)
Dimensions 35 cm x depth 15 cm x h 106 cm - mirror: 20 x h 74 cm

Brand  : My Belgium Design - Thierry Bataille